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The future of journalism and media in Africa

Our media landscape is shifting dramatically. We’ve seen magazines suddenly close, new online forms of media pressing us urgently for donations and webinars arise as the new form of public debate. Talkshows are held from home with a single presenter, no guests in person, no music, no applause. Science journalism has been given a boost, epidemiologists are the news rock stars while conspiracy theories and fake news abound. Governments debate how to get Facebook and Google to pay for the news they disseminate for free, and Twitter is as vicious and opinionated as always. Newspapers keep on closing while some, having stuck to paywalls, are finding that this strategy is paying off. The giants of journalism (The Guardian, the New York Times, the BBC) are read and watched all over the world as they make their Coronavirus coverage free. Four media experts give us their views and take questions on how to navigate this rocky terrain.

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Jun 30 2020


11:00 - 12:30